Questions We Still Have About Carl Radke and Lindsay Hubbard’s Breakup

Questions We Still Have About Carl Radke and Lindsay Hubbard’s Breakup
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The Summer House golden couple was Lindsay Hubbard and Carl Radke. Both had a few rough summers out in Montauk trying to sow their wild oats, but somehow, through many Fireball shots and beach parties, they managed to find one another and fall in love.

After Carl called off their engagement in September, there were a lot of unanswered questions. Not only was their Mexico wedding called off, but Lindsay had been blindsided. 

What’s the Deal?

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There has to be more to the story, right? Well, that is precisely what Andy Cohen has hinted at, which has already raised a few eyebrows. One of the main questions asked was if the breakup was staged. Lindsay and Carl were clearly tired of the Summer House schedule during Season 7, really only showing up in a part-time capacity. They needed a way out, and a messy breakup could have been right up their alley. 

Production had already wrapped for the summer, but it was reported that Carl planned with them to catch the demise of their relationship on camera. Lindsay and Carl had been reportedly fighting all summer, and with the extra shoot expecting to be a makeup session, Carl’s decision shocked everyone, throwing production into a tailspin. However, Bravo is known to plant a few seeds and write a certain narrative, so could it all be for the views? It is one hundred percent a possibility. 

Did Carl and Lindsay Have a Deal With Bravo?

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Piggybacking off the previous question, it isn’t every day that a Bravolebrity gets the opportunity to have their wedding aired on a special episode. It begs the question of whether or not Bravo essentially forced Carl to film the breakup.

It’s common knowledge that Bravo cut Summer House filming early this year so there would be enough in the budget for the wedding. It also stands to reason that a filming clause must have been put in their contracts for the good, the bad, and the ugly. I don’t think Carl would have been able to get off the hook so easily. 

Was Sober Carl a Buzz Kill?

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I can easily answer this one—YESSS. Sober Carl was the absolute worst, in terms of entertainment value, that is. While I respect his journey and the reasons for needing to become sober, he in no way should have stayed on reality TV. Carl became boring and like a father figure. Plus, reality TV generally isn’t the best environment for someone committed to sobriety.

I think in the long term, Lindsay would have become very unhappy, and she gave up a lot to support Carl. Drinking and socializing was a huge part of her life, so having to walk on eggshells would have sucked. There was clear tension since Season 7 when it came to Lindsay reintroducing alcohol. I wonder what Carl’s true feelings were and if they could have stamped out his love for Lindsay. 

Was There Another Woman?

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Almost immediately after the breakup news broke, fans speculated that there was another woman. Word on the street was that Lindsay was totally blindsided by the affair, with Carl having to come clean about his dalliance because he got the woman pregnant. Even though no woman has come forward, fans can’t help but question his story.

Carl has tried his best to squash the rumors, telling Rolling Stone, “​​I didn’t cheat on Lindsay. I did not have an affair. I feel like our relationship was just in a different space than Sandoval’s was, but at the same time, because it’s Bravo, I do think there’s a huge appetite for another scandal.”

Of course, we have an appetite for scandal, Carl. Have you been living under a rock!? But really, did he step out on Lindsay? 

Was the Relationship Just a Pressure Cooker Ready To Explode?

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Planning a wedding is stressful. Oxygen made a whole show about it called Bridezillas, and the premise wasn’t that far off. But planning a wedding when you are both reality TV stars, now that is in a different class of its own. Lindsay gave up a lot of screen time in Season 7 to hang with Carl, as both had very different approaches to staying relevant.

But with a luxury lifestyle comes a luxury bill, and to afford that, maybe the former couple realized they had to keep the gravy train running. Now, with that being said, their little bickering for the cameras could have led to uncovering the true weakness within their engagement.

Were the couple able to ignore their differences until they just couldn’t anymore? Possibly. 


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