Golden Bachelor Gerry Turner Finds Moving on After Loss a ‘Natural Process’

Golden Bachelor Gerry Turner Finds Moving on After Loss a ‘Natural Process’
Photo by: ABC/Brian Bowen Smith

Whether it’s a breakup, a divorce or the death of a partner, all of us will most likely experience loss at some time in our lives. It’s devastating to lose a loved one, especially when it’s the partner with whom you share your everyday life. The loss is an emotional injury that takes time to heal, as much as any physical injury would. Sometimes you never fully get over it, but just move on with your life as best you can.

Golden Bachelor star Gerry Turner knows what it’s like to experience such a loss. In 2017, his wife Toni died suddenly from a bacterial infection. While his high school sweetheart can never be “replaced,” there can be a gradual process of healing, moving on and eventually reaching out to other partners.

In an exclusive interview with HollywoodLife, Gerry spoke about the experience of seeking another partner on the Bachelor spinoff. His personal journey touched the hearts of Bachelor Nation. Many fans have called the heartfelt show “better than The Bachelor.”

Waiting for nature to take its course

Photo by: ABC/Brian Bowen Smith

“[Healing from a loss is] just a natural process,” Gerry believes. “You just have to wait for nature to take its course and be in tune with your feelings.”

 Gerry and Toni started dating in high school and married in 1972. “We had 43 wonderful years together,” Gerry revealed during the Golden Bachelor premiere. “We had a real typical but beautiful life, full of love, full of activity, and as years went on, I retired.”

Gerry and Toni had a plan in mind for their golden years. “We had an idea of what our dream house was going to be,” he continued. “So when Toni retired at the end of May 2017, we bought that dream house and closed on it on June 6. [But from then on], it didn’t go according to plan at all. She became ill, and her situation got worse over a couple of weeks.”

As Toni’s illness progressed, the bacterial infection infected her kidneys and liver. “So I took my wife to the emergency room on July 7,” Gerry shared tearfully. “She passed away on July 15th.”

“No one’s ever going to replace Toni,” he admitted, “but the love of my daughters and my granddaughters pulled me out of a dark spot.”

Though Toni will always have a special place in his heart, Gerry “certainly” enjoyed his time as the Golden Bachelor. He’ll always be remembered as the OG of the OGs. I know this fan has enjoyed watching his journey to find love again.

The Golden Bachelor Finale airs on Thursday, November 30 @ 8/7c on ABC.


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