‘DWTS’ Fans Sour On Carrie Ann Inaba After Mistreatment Claims

‘DWTS’ Fans Sour On Carrie Ann Inaba After Mistreatment Claims

Carrie Ann Inaba isn’t winning over any Dancing With The Stars fans at the moment. And it honestly seems like she really doesn’t care what they have to say.

The long-time judge recently spoke up about the unruly behavior going on in the audience and defended herself against the onslaught of boos and jeers.

DWTS fans didn’t really respond well in turn. So what exactly happened? Keep reading to get the scoop.

DWTS fans berate Carrie Ann Inaba on social media

Negative comments on Carrie Ann Inaba’s Instagram page aren’t at all hard to find. On one post, fans flooded the comments with complaints about the episode.

“Absolutely ridiculous that you show such favoritism to [Xochitl] when you know Ariana deserved a 10,” one Instagram user wrote in the comments.

“Why do you hate Jason? Stop playing favorites 🤨” another added.

It seems the judge is growing aggravated with the stream of negative comments and hate being thrown her way. Recently, she decided to speak up for herself.

Carrie Ann Inaba, Derek Hough, Billy Porter, and Bruno Tonioli from Dancing With The Stars, Instagram
Dancing With The Stars/Instagram

As per The Sun, Carrie Ann Inaba recently lashed out at some fans after all the booing that went on during Whitney Houston Night. Although the post is no longer available, the publication managed to capture her message for haters.

“I judge what I see from my perspective,” the 55-year-old shared on her Instagram story. “If I just did what other people do, I would have zero value as a judge. But as the woman on the panel, I’m constantly made a target of blame and vitriol.”

Carrie Ann Inaba from extratv interview on YouTube

She went on to say that the audience members can be as angry as they like with her. After 32 seasons, she’s used to the criticism.

“But then you better be voting,” Carrie Ann concluded.

Redditors react to the judges’ presence in the ballroom this year

Each and every season, it does seem that Carrie Ann Inaba ends up in a feud with viewers. Back in Season 29, she frequently butted heads with Artem Chigvintsev and Kaitlyn Bristowe, who went on to win the entire season. This year, DWTS fans think Carrie Ann just doesn’t like certain contestants.

My problem with CAI is she is biased when she judges. She doesn’t hold everyone to the same standard,” one Redditor shared online.

My issue with her is her comments always contradict her scores, don’t say it’s flawless unless you’re gonna give it a d*mn ten,” another added.

What do you think about the situation at hand? Was Carrie Ann Inaba out of line? Or do you think she has a point? Be sure to share your own ideas in the comments.

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