Dorit Kemsley’s Stolen $10K Raises Questions

Dorit Kemsley’s Stolen $10K Raises Questions
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When you think of Dorit Kemsley, fashionably correct, selfie montage, and no budget comes to mind. I’m not saying the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star is dumb, but there are times I question if she has any real street smarts. Being street-smart means knowing your way around and how to handle yourself in tough situations. Basically, you’re able to read people. This trait falls short of Dorit, who genuinely thought carrying $10K in her purse was the right move. 

Who knew Beverly Hills was such a rough neighborhood? Dorit’s lack of social awareness has really stunned viewers. Many can’t help but feel that something fishy is going on when it comes to her story about losing a crap load of money. 

Dorit Was Gift Shopping—We Think

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On RHOBH, Dorit shared that she had been targeted again while Christmas shopping for her children. The fashionista shared, “last Christmas was about 14 months after the home invasion, and I went to the bank. I took out $10,000 so I could have some money for Christmas gifts. I had my handbag in the shopping cart. When I got to the register, I realized that my handbag was gone.”

Dorit told viewers that police reviewed the surveillance tapes after her money was stolen and found that she had been followed by three men. Multiple questions were raised at this point, with the major one being why she ever left her purse unattended. Whether rich or poor, any woman knows not to do that. If I had $10k in cash, you’d better believe it would be stuffed in my bra, pants, socks, and shoes…nobody would be getting it off me. 

Which Story Is It, Dorit?

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While speaking to Variety, Dorit started to sing a different tune. The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star claimed, “The cash was actually for bonuses. It was bonuses for staff at the house.”

So Dorit is telling viewers that she actively went into the bank to withdraw the funds and then still went to a retail store with the large sum in her purse? Is she crazy? Dorit went on to explain, saying, “When you answer that question a few times in the confessional, they kind of pull out the simplest answer.”

Dorit seems to be backtracking on her story, which could be due to the simple fact that she was embarrassed by her dumb blonde moment. 

The Lost Money Is Giant Red Flag


Dorit and PK Kemsley are already having financial issues, which have been very public. PK currently owes $986,887 to the United States government. Dorit owes $90,269 to the IRS, too. During her home invasion, where she was held at gunpoint, Dorit was told to leave her cell phone by the front gate. But some conspiracy theorists believed PK set the whole thing up to claim on their insurance. 

TikTok user @entylawyer walked viewers frame by frame during the police security footage. The lawyer seemed to be poking holes in the couple’s story and alleged that the couple were in so much debt that they could have planned the break-in. The TikTok user pointed out that speed is key in a robbery, and the two suspects took their sweet time. Could the loss of another $10K also be a plot? 

The Details of Both Stories Have Similarities

Dorit Kemsley/Instagram

Dorit is known for flaunting her designer duds, so it isn’t too far-fetched to believe that she could be a target of a criminal enterprise. However, there are still some inconsistencies that raise eyebrows. Dorit revealed that the three men followed her from the ATM to the store, where they took her $10K. But I ask you, what ATM do you know of that lets anyone take out $10K? Most automated tellers allow $300 to $5,000 daily, with the limit resetting the following day. 

One other important note to detail is that Dorit would almost assuredly be carrying an expensive purse, so how did she not notice the bag was missing before she got to the checkout counter? As seen on TV, her purse would have been a part of her look, and there is no way she wouldn’t have realized it was missing long before checkout.

Frankly, the couple’s credit is no good, meaning cash is king. The math just ain’t mathing on this story.


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