Times When Scheana Shay Was a Bad Friend

Times When Scheana Shay Was a Bad Friend
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The Good as Gold singer, Scheana Shay hasn’t always been a fan favorite. For multiple seasons of Vanderpump Rules, Scheana was seen as the lackey who tagged along with the cooler mean girls. She often tried to suck up to Lisa Vanderpump tirelessly and became a favorite of the restaurant owner and dog lover. This spot often caused trouble for Scheana, who thought running her mouth without any consequences was okay. 

Scheana is the type of Bravo star who so desperately wants to be liked that she’ll tell anyone what they want to hear. It doesn’t help that she often chooses the wrong side of the battle 99.9% of the time. Between partaking in the rumor mill and allegedly punching out Rachel Leviss, Scheana is someone who her friends can’t always rely on. 

Scheana Stirs the Pot

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It’s a wonder that Scheana has any friends at all with all the pot-stirring she does. The mother of one has never been known to keep a secret to herself. More often than not, she gets caught gossiping with her other co-stars. Sometimes, Scheana intentionally creates a lot of drama amongst her so-called friends by sticking her nose where it shouldn’t be. 

Scheana’s tooth surgery during Season 2 is a perfect example. She didn’t always understand that inserting herself into others’ business would bring her grief, as she wondered why no one wanted to help her out when it came to having a medical procedure done. Sadly, due to Scheana’s actions, none of her co-workers reached out, proving she hadn’t bonded with them as well as she thought. 

Scheana Gets Jealous

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Scheana has always been a little bit awful, and no one wants to be friends with a girl who is always trying to one-up you within the friendship. Scheana’s green-eyed monster moment came after Dayna Kathan also hooked up with Max Boyens. Scheana revealed on her Instagram that she and Dayna had a “disconnect,” which viewers could see was because Scheana was not getting enough attention. 

For the entire season, Scheana essentially hazed Dayna, showing she was a petty and toxic person. Who in their right mind would want to be friends with a person who made you feel bad for living your life? Honestly, Scheana, if you don’t like how you come off on the show, don’t be like that. Scheana often destroys her goodwill by harping on minimal issues. People eventually get tired of babying her. 

Scheana Is Thinking of Befriending Tom

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The Bravo gods know that Scheana usually gives herself the villain edit, with the newest season of Vanderpump Rules being no different. As followers are well aware, Scheana and Ariana Madix have been besties for years. So when Scandoval popped off, it made sense that Scheana would take Ariana’s side and support her in any way she could. But now it looks like Scheana is thinking about still staying friends with Tom Sandoval. Soooo not okay!

Scheana has noted multiple times that Tom was one of the only cast members to really embrace her early on and include her in photos for the show. But that doesn’t mean you owe the man your unwavering friendship. During BravoCon 2023, Scheana and Tom hung out in their hotel suites, via Page Six, but Scheana claims she defended Ariana’s honor. The Vanderpump Rules Season 11 trailer showed otherwise as she was seen hugging the Tom Tom owner. 

Scheana Doesn’t Get Optics

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However, Scheana is having to talk her way out of bad optics again. After trying to explain away the embrace, Scheana went on to say, “Let me tell you this. It took a whole season and a lot of conversations to even have that moment. So that’s all misleading.” Baby girl, why were you having those conversations in the first place!?

Scheana went on to say, “There was a lot that was said, and I’ve not been easy on him. I’ve been very stern with how I feel and what I disagree with.” Stern? You’ve been stern, Scheana? Honestly, it is a wonder she has any friends at all. 


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