Kim Kardashian Fans Are Furious About North’s Makeup

Kim Kardashian Fans Are Furious About North’s Makeup

Kim Kardashian is taking a lot of heat for her daughter North West‘s style choices. Fans say Kim’s letting the little girl wear way too much makeup for a 10-year-old kid. They also feel that she shouldn’t be getting her nails done at her age.

Does North West Wear Too Much Makeup?

The controversy surrounding Kim Kardashian about how much makeup she allows her daughter to wear started way back in 2018. At that time, Kim posted a photo of 5-year-old North wearing a bright orange outfit, accompanied by some bright orange eye shadow. Instead of gushing over the youngster’s cuteness, critics slammed Kardashian for putting eyeshadow on her child when she was so young.

In the TikTok video Kim posted yesterday, she shared a montage of photos North took on her phone, including two pictures where the preteen was wearing heavy lipstick, false lashes, and fake nails.

North West
North West

North looks like an ordinary 10-year-old girl in all the other photos in the collection. In one photo, she showed followers how her hair looks when she brushes it, and a few of them show her sitting in the car on her way to school. There are also quite a few images of the preteen just hanging out with her friends. Looking at all the pictures together, it seems pretty clear that North is essentially just playing dress up in makeup rather than sporting it as her everyday look.

Unfortunately, critics blasted Kim again. One person said that pictures like these are concerning, and another claimed that North is already addicted to fame. Luckily, Kim has commenting turned off on their joint account, so her daughter won’t see how rude people are.

Why Are Fans So Upset About Kim and North’s TikTok?

Kim Kardashian has come under fire many times in the past for making her children’s lives so public. Many critics feel that she should keep her kids off her social media accounts until they’re older. After all, the spotlight comes with a lot of pressure, and that can be difficult for children to handle.

Followers of both Kim and North’s dad, Kanye West, also know that the singer and the reality TV star don’t see eye to eye about whether their daughter should be in the spotlight or if she should wear makeup. Last year, Kanye opened up in an interview about how he believes Kim tries to torment him with the videos she posts on the TikTok account she shares with North.

Do you think Kim Kardashian lets North wear too much makeup? Do you think she’s trying to get under Kanye’s skin by posting photos of their daughter wearing makeup on TikTok? Share your thoughts in the comments!

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