Kaity Biggar Causes Split Speculation By Wearing No Ring

Kaity Biggar Causes Split Speculation By Wearing No Ring

Kaity Biggar won the heart of Zach Shallcross in Season 27 of The Bachelor. Bachelor Nation fans mostly loved the idea of them together. However, some people seem really confused right now. On social media, they speculate about why she hasn’t been wearing her ring. She didn’t get the one she wanted, but at least she got one.

Bachelor Fans Get Mixed Up and Confused by Kaity Biggar

In May this year, Zach and his fiance shared some stunning photos of their engagement. They shared some champagne and other sweet scenes. At the time, fans thought that the pictures showcased their deep love for each other. However, rumors also arose that they might have hit a rocky patch. As always, it’s not easy to find out where the rumors come from. Sometimes, it could be as easy as someone misidentifying a Bachelor Nation character.

The Bachelor nurse from Canada seems like a nice, cheerful person, who loves being active.  Of course, Zach Shallcross faced the issue of obtaining a visa for her. However, that hasn’t stood in their way. In fact, in July, they moved in together. Naturally, people saw that as next-level proof that things work well for them. However, some Bachelor Nation fans seem confused.

Bachelor Fans Wonder Why Kaity Biggar Doesn’t Wear Her Ring

As each season passes by, more people come into the mix of the dating franchise. Perhaps that’s why a commenter became confused. On Reddit, they said, “I’m confused bc I thought they broke up. I must be getting my couples mixed up 🤔.” In fact, that came after an OP shared a story and a post from social media by Zach’s fiance.

Kaity Biggar Gets Bachelor Fans So Confused, No Ring - Reddit
Kaity Biggar, Zach Shallcross – Bachelor  – Reddit

The OP’s caption about the Bachelor stars said, “The sub speculated about Kaity not wearing her ring and she immediately posted Zach twice.” Clearly, she signaled that all is well in the world. So, one person who seems sick of split rumors chimed in. After all, no ring doesn’t mean no love.

Taking The Ring Off For Work

Bachelor Nation fans who nurse or work with their hands talked about no ring. Actually, they understand that in healthcare, it’s not ideal to sport a ring. Actually, Kaity went back to work quite soon after the engagement. So, amidst speculation and confusion about them splitting, level heads exist.

A comment read, “Some people on this sub are way too eager and excited to jump to “they must be broken or breaking up” and it’s exhausting sometimes 😂. These two are CONSTANTLY posting each other or about each other, they’re clearly just fine.” They also reminded fans that rings or not, don’t add up to a split.  

What do you think about Kaity Biggar not wearing Zach Shallscross’s ring? Did you think that they had split? Or, do you agree that wearing a wedding ring is not a great idea as a nurse? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below, and come back here for all your Bachelor Nation news.

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