‘Pump Rules’ Katie Maloney Switching Sides For Season 11?

‘Pump Rules’ Katie Maloney Switching Sides For Season 11?

Is Vanderpump Rules OG and star Katie Maloney switching sides for Season 11, which premieres in January 2024? She has been through a lot in the last nearly two years and true evolution. So, does that mean she is changing where she stands? Read on for more details.

Pump Rules Katie Maloney Switching Sides For Season 11?

Katie Maloney spent her first nine seasons of Vanderpump Rules in love with Tom Schwartz. She gave him an ultimatum in Season 3 that he had a timeframe to propose. The following season, he did just that but they struggled up to the wedding day in Season 5. There was a lot of infidelity and irresponsibility on his part while he felt she could be a nag. It turned out he lost the marriage license and it was never sent in therefore they were never actually married until Season 8. Shortly before Season 10, the two split after Katie realized it was not working.

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Things only got worse when he kissed Rachel Leviss and kept the secret that Leviss and Tom Sandoval were having an affair. Though Katie dated some during their first season separated, what can be expected from Season 11? Apparently, she might try being with a woman. It is no secret that she has been with women in the past, as revealed in a previous reunion. Now, it was revealed by Scheana Shay that it may be seen this coming season, and a Reddit thread was started to discuss it.

“Katie was asked if she’d consider “dipping her toe in the lady pond.” Scheana looked down and said, “Season 11.” And smiled slyly like she was giving away a secret. Katie said, “What she said.” I’m so excited for this to be true!”

So, what did other Redditors have to say and were they just as excited for this? Of course, some noted how Katie Maloney’s style has changed over the last year. One said she looked a bit like KD Lang while someone added a Ruby Rose meme. Another added this: “I could feel those vibes from her after tom. Even when she dated him, she always seemed like a girls girl. If you know what I mean haha. But im glad she’s finding herself.”

They Knew

As aforementioned, one Redditor vaguely remembered Katie Maloney referencing the “lady pond” in an earlier season. There are fans who just want Katie to have a fun “redemption” season and this could be it. When Scheana Shay got divorced, she kept jumping from man to man until she met Brock Davies. Hopefully, Katie just explores and lives her best life.

Are you looking forward to what is to come for Katie this season of Pump Rules? Let us know in the comments below.

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