‘Gold Rush’: Is Rick Ness Dating Crew Member Morgan?

‘Gold Rush’: Is Rick Ness Dating Crew Member Morgan?

Season 14 of Gold Rush saw the return of Rick Ness on the Discovery show. Instead of joy, he found a lot of critics who slammed him. He is seeking redemption after disappointing Team Rally, so he took the time to speak out about what fans are saying. One thing that he discussed is his love life.

Rick Ness Opens Up About Dating Rumors By Gold Rush Fans

Naturally, plenty of people wondered what was up with the Discovery star, and in an absence of clarity when he left the Yukon, rumors arose. Remember, he found a lot of controversy after he lost his mine and his crew had to look for jobs. With his return in Season 14, there are also a lot of questions about his new employee, Morgan. As she’s a woman, fans wonder if they have something romantic going on.

Rick Ness took to social media to address the many rumors about him that got Gold Rush fans gossiping. Soon, it arrived on Reddit, and people discussed what he had to say. Addressing rumors that he and Morgan are romantically involved, he claimed that it’s basically nothing. According to him, there’s nothing other than a platonic relationship going on. Insisting that they don’t have anything other than a working relationship, he seemed determined to clear that up.

 Gold Rush Dating Rumors About Rick Ness

Dissing the rumors of a love affair, he said, “The talk about me being in a relationship with one of my new crew members, Morgan, is just that. Talk.” In fact, he didn’t know her before she started working for him. Introduced and “recommended by a friend,” he took her on because she was good at her job. Actually, he probably needs a good crew given the disaster of him going missing in the last season of the show.

Discovery's Gold Rush star Rick Ness - Instagram
Discovery’s Gold Rush star Rick Ness – Instagram


In his post, the Gold Rush star expressed his irritation because his ex-fiance Leese M. Arie took a lot of heat for things that he alone was responsible for. She previously addressed the same issues. While he suffered from SAD, mainly related to his mom’s death, his use of cocaine to ease the pain really made life bleak for Leese. Putting people right, he added, “I was responsible for everything that happened, I was making the decisions, both right and wrong and I was at fault for all of the chaos in my life.”

No Love Life At All?

On the surface of it, Leese and Rick Ness are over and it seems that there’s no way they will rekindle their relationship. However, he did give a clue that they might be back together, or at least talking to each other. The Gold Rush star said, “She’s very happy with all of the improvements I’ve made.” With Morgan not romantically involved, it seems that for now, he’s not actively seeking a romance with anyone other than perhaps Leese. The old rumors about him and Karla Ann Charlton have died away. Meanwhile, it seems that he was never married to Jen Ness. Apparently, she married Rick’s brother, Randy.

In the comments section, one follower claimed, “I didn’t think Morgan and him for [a] second…” However, it’s understandable that people ask questions. Another commenter noted, “Lots of people did, just like they insist Tyler and Parker were involved, even though she has a long time boyfriend.”

What are your thoughts about Rick Ness clarifying that he isn’t dating Morgan? Do you hope that he and Leese might get back together one day? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below, and come back here for all your Gold Rush news.

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