All the Ways That 90 Day Fiancé Season 10 Is a Letdown

All the Ways That 90 Day Fiancé Season 10 Is a Letdown

90 Day Fiancé Season 10 is off to a slow start, and is not delivering as many viewers hoped it would. While this season is set to feature seven different couples, only four have been introduced in the first three episodes.

Gino Palazzolo and Jasmine Pineda were the only returning couple, to the dismay of some fans. Ashley Michelle made her debut with her Ecuadorian fiancé Manuel, while Nikki Exotika introduced viewers to her fiancé Igor aka Justin. Fans also met Rob Warne and his fiancé Sophie Sierra, who are quickly becoming controversial.

While many 90 Day Fiancé fans had high hopes for Season 10, it has not been anything amazing so far. It is possible that it can improve as the season continues and all of the couples are introduced, but it is not looking likely. Here are all of the issues we have with Season 10 so far.

Ashley Is Likable, But Manuel Is Ridiculously Dull

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Ashley and Manuel are arguably the most boring couple so far, and not because of Ashley. During her intro, Ashley opened up about her interests in tarot and astrology and referred to herself as a witch. While Ashley is a bit unusual, she has personality and seems like a down to earth type of person. Manuel, on the other hand, is a different story.

He rubbed viewers the wrong way from the minute he stepped out of the airport, for a number of reasons. Manuel admitted that he did not tell his family he was moving to the United States, and that they did not know about Ashley at all. Huge red flag. On top of that, Manuel was not the kindest to Ashley’s pet dog and cat, and had the audacity to suggest they sleep outside. All things taken into account, Manuel is not enjoyable to watch at all.

Rob & Sophie Are Jibri & Miona 2.0

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Rob and Sophie’s story line is nearly identical to that of Jibri Bell and Miona Bell, and not for the better. Currently, Rob and Sophie’s segments revolve around Sophie wanting Rob to move to a nicer place. He does not have a bathroom inside, which really bothers her. Similarly, a good chunk of Jibri and Miona’s story revolved around Miona wanting to move out of Jibri’s parents home. This is just repetitive, and makes many viewers want to hit the fast forward button.

Furthermore, Rob and Sophie come off as clout chasers, similarly to Jibri and Miona as well. Rob pretty much admitted that he was only attracted to Sophie because of her looks, which fans found to be shallow. Jibri and Miona were one of the least liked couples during Season 9, so it is annoying to see such a similar couple so soon with Rob and Sophie.

Nikki & Justin Don’t Seem Promising

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Nikki and Justin are one of the more interesting couples to watch, although their relationship seems to be sailing on rocky waters. They are the only couple so far this season who are not starting their 90 days right away, since Nikki is traveling to Moldova to see Justin first. While it is possible that Nikki’s trip could be short, there is not any indication Justin will make it to America at all this season. That of course, defeats the whole point of the OG show.

While Justin appears to have Nikki’s best interest at heart, she is the more frustrating one to watch in this relationship. Despite Justin explaining that he wants to connect emotionally first, Nikki is being overly persistent about having intimacy. This is not something viewers want to watch, as this has been an issue for plenty of 90 Day Fiancé couples in the past. Nikki also seems to have a habit of cutting Justin off, while he is trying to explain his point of view.

Gino & Jasmine Are Just Annoying At This Point

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After two seasons of watching Gino and Jasmine’s chaotic relationship, we really did not need a third. Every time Gino and Jasmine resolve one disagreement, they immediately have to find something else to argue over. Jasmine revealed during the premiere that she had used money Gino allotted for her wedding dress for butt implants, without telling Gino about it. Once Gino found out during a spa session, he became so annoyed that he had to walk out.

Another annoying aspect of Gino and Jasmine’s story line this season is Gino quitting his job. Gino claims that he quit to stay home with Jasmine and help her adjust to life in America, but previously said that he could not move to Panama because of his job. It’s always a train wreck with these two, and quite frankly it’s exhausting at this point.


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