‘Life After Lockup’ New Season Premiere Date, Meet The Cast

‘Life After Lockup’ New Season Premiere Date, Meet The Cast

The new season of Life After Lockup is on the horizon despite the current season of Love After Lockup still airing. So, who should fans expect to see when the show returns and when exactly is it coming back? Read on for more details.

Life After Lockup New Season Premiere Date, Meet The Cast

The new season of Life After Lockup is getting ready to premiere sooner than anyone may expect. Mainly because Love After Lockup is still airing and fans are still getting to know the cast. So, who will be returning as in familiar faces? First off, Lindsey Downs will be back with Blaine Bailey as she is facing possible jail time. It could be forty years and that would ruin her life. Clearly, she has been trying to do her best but this is not what she needs much like Blaine being on house arrest last season.

Lindsey Downs/IG
Blaine, Lindsey-Instagram

Tayler George and Chance Pitt are trying to figure out if they should tie the knot. At the same time, Tayler is chatting with her sister, Bobbie to decide if this is really what she wants. Does she see a future with Chance or is she better off alone and away from him? Sara Isaac is done with Shawn Osborne despite them having a child together. When the last season ended, she just had a breast augmentation and had introduced her eldest daughter to her biological father. Yet, she has not been happy with Shawn for some time.

Justine, Michael/YouTube
Justine, Michael-YouTube

Aris and Cameron as well as Justine and Michael are back with babies in their bellies. Of course, Cameron is caught at the strip club which does not sit well with Aris at all. Shavel and Quaylon make an appearance which has longtime fans beyond thrilled but there are a handful of new faces also joining. So, who is new and fabulous plus ready to try their hand at this spin-off?

New Faces

Fresh off of this season of Love After Lockup and headed to Life After Lockup are Kerok and Britney. Yes, they will make it to a point where they can enjoy each other and start having some adventures. Next up is Joynomi and Redd who are the most unlikely couple. He has girls on the side and she knows about it. However, he is seen proposing to her though he knows he might have a shady side. Then there is Melissa and Louie. He is back and forth between his mother, Donna, and Melissa as he is supposed to stay in Georgia for a period of time. After that, he can relocate to New Jersey but will that actually happen?

This season looks explosive filled with heartache, excitement, sadness, and an all-around good time. Finally, the premiere is less than a month away as it will begin on December 1st. Are you excited for the season premiere of Life After Lockup? Moreover, which couple are you looking forward to seeing? Let us know and watch Love After Lockup Fridays on WeTV.

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