Something About Her Won’t Focus On ‘Vanderpump Rules’?

Something About Her Won’t Focus On ‘Vanderpump Rules’?

Vanderpump Rules fans turned on Ariana Madix and Katie Maloney when it seemed like their sandwich shop, Something About Her, might not happen. That mainly came because the duo already sold off some merch for the shop. So, people felt duped. Now, the news arrived that they might keep the shop mostly free of the Bravo show’s theme.

Vanderpump Rules – Endess Delays for Something About Her

Delays in opening the sandwich shop happened time after time. At one stage, people disbelieved it would ever happen. Time after time, Ariana’s spoken about the various headaches that the development brought along. Of course, she also got all caught up in the Scandoavl cheating development. So, that causes more delays.

Vanderpump Rules fans noticed that it’s been over a year since the duo had their sandwich-tasting event. By now, Bravo fans feel as if the entire SAH project has grown stale. However, it seems that though things move very slowly, Ariana will eventually open it up. However, if you hope for lots of VPR things in the theme you might be disappointed.

No Vanderpump Rules Influence In Something About Her?

According to a new report by US Weekly, Ariana Madix claimed that they “won’t incorporate ‘Vanderpump Rules’ at their sandwich shop.” Additionally, she explained the reasons for that. The reality TV star said, “Nothing is related to the show or any cast members at all.” Maybe she learned from the fallout with Tom Sandoval, just how hard the cancel culture can be.

Something About Her Won't Focus On Vanderpump Rules - Ariana Madix - Instagram
Vanderpump Rules – Ariana Madix – Instagram

Instead of Vanderpump Rules, people should expect to see more originality. The outlet revealed that Madix said, “We got to get some new material out there.” However, she didn’t elaborate much on what sort of material fans would see. But one thing she promised is that “Bravo viewers shouldn’t expect their shop to lean into their reality TV roots.”

Will Bravo Fans See The Sandwich Shop Open On The Show?

Vanderpump Rules fans might wonder if the opening might be on the show. Mind you at the current rate of delays, the show could end up not renewed by the time something happens. Obviously, if that doesn’t happen it could come along with the spotlight shining on the two friends. It might be obvious, but it’s extremely doubtful that Tom Sandoval will ever entertain people with his music on hallowed ground.

Are you happy that it sounds like “Something About Her” will eventually happen for Ariana Madix and Katie Maloney? What are your thoughts about it not being focused on the Bravo show? Does that disappoint you? Would you prefer to be reminded of all the drama that shaped the show over the years?  Tell us what you think in the comments below and come back here for all your Vanderpump Rules news.

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