Fans Irate Over Whitney Way Thore’s Latest Violation Of Glenn

Fans Irate Over Whitney Way Thore’s Latest Violation Of Glenn

My Big Fat Fabulous Life star Whitney Way Thore gets a lot of criticism becasue she belittles her dad, Glenn Thore. Now she found irate MBFFL viewers after a preview for this week’s episode seemed to show her violating his privacy. It all went down at the cemetery where his wife, Babs was laid to rest.

MBFFL Fans Slam Whitney Way Thore About Her Dad Glenn

Season 11 of My Big Fat Fabulous Life started off with critics slapping TLC and the family of Babs. That came when the trailer revealed that the network filmed the funeral of Glenn’s wife for the show. Since then, criticism after criticism piled up on his daughter. Actually, many people claimed that she would not stop at anything to make a few bucks off the reality TV show.

TLC fans hate that Whitney Way Thore seems to have stepped into the shoes of her mom when it comes to her dad. She told her dad that she thought “he’s got big shoes to fill” now that Babs is absent. However, some fans think that she wants to be her mom for her father. However, she’s never actually been a  wife or a mother.  So, it seems that she’s way too bossy with him.

MBFFL Whitney Way Thore Violates Glenn Thore’s Privacy?

Two previews dropped for the next episode of My Big Fat Fabulous Life. One of them came on YouTube and the other one on Twitter X. The one on YouTube showed Glenn Thore and his daughter checking out the plaque for her mom at the cemetery. Glenn had gotten a message that the plaque was ready, but he didn’t want to read it in case it made him feel pain. Whitney took over and cried, and he comforted her.

Fans Irate Over Whitney Way Thore's Latest Violation On Glenn My Big Fat Fabulous Life TLC
Whitney Way Thore and Glenn at the cemetery – My Big Fat Fabulous Life – TLC

The preview on Twitter X showed that Whitney Way Thore had put a tracking device on her dad’s phone. When she got home, he wasn’t there. So, she checked her phone, tracked him to the cemetery, and dashed off to check on him. Presumably, she took the time to call the camera crew. While it might be a sweet gesture, many TLC fans thought she violated his privacy. On Reddit, an OP said, ” If he wanted someone to go with him he would have asked!!!! Give the poor guy some time to grieve privately!!!!

TLC Fans Slam Lack Of Privacy

MBFFL fans already slammed Whitney Way Thore for treating her dad like some sort of overgrown moron. Additionally, she constantly seems to belittle him.  So, fans were irate because she tracked him down to the cemetery. You can watch the preview about her tracking him down on the X (Twitter) link below.

What do you think of Whitney Way Thore tracking her dad down to the cemetery and violating his privacy? Do you think she meant well? Certainly, Glenn Thore seemed reluctant to view the plaque alone. Was it even a spontaneous scene? After all, how did the camera crew for TLC just happen to be on hand at the time? Did she insist that they tag along? Share what you think in the comments below.

Check back soon for more updates on My Big Fat Fabulous Life. New episodes air on TLC on Tuesday nights at 9 PM Eastern time.

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