My 600-lb Life: Is Megan Davis Still Pursuing Weight-Loss Goals Today?

My 600-lb Life: Is Megan Davis Still Pursuing Weight-Loss Goals Today?

My 600-lb Life alum Megan Davis was on the verge of giving up by the time she appeared in the show. She weighed 604 pounds when she sought Dr. Now’s help. According to her, she felt like a prisoner in her own body, and she almost couldn’t do anything every day. Her weight gain began when she was a child. She never had good relationships with her parents and resorted to food to cope with sadness. The Illinois native also had troubles with her weight loss journey. But she kept working hard to turn her life around. Keep reading to see what she’s up to today.

My 600-lb Life: Megan Davis’ Weight Loss Journey

Megan relied on her mother for her daily needs. However, she had no choice but to step up when she received Dr. Now’s orders. She was able to shed 123 pounds in the span of 12 months. But the My 600-lb Life alum appears to have struggled with losing much more throughout her episode. She also had issues with the bariatric surgeon. At one point, she was caught taking diet soda instead of just water.

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According to Dr. Now, sodas include sodium, which doesn’t contribute anything to losing weight. Davis also had problems maintaining her diet as she continued eating unhealthy foods amid her journey, which led to Dr. Now’s ultimate decision to end their program. Her last reported weight was 481 lbs, which is still an impressive feat despite her struggles with discipline.

Where Is Megan Today?

Megan has kept in touch with the fans on social media after her time in Season 8. The former My 600-lb Life star moved to Texas and has also found a significant other. Many of her posts are about different types of foods. Some of which aren’t good for a person trying to shed pounds. In August 2022, Megan Davis shared a piece of sad news about surrendering her dog for adoption after it became too aggressive. Her FB bio also states that she’s presently working as a babysitter. Additionally, she sells clothes, accessories, and even dog treats online.

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Photo Credit: Megan Davis Facebook

My 600-lb Life: Is Megan Davis Still Pursuing Physical Goals Today?

Megan has been discreet regarding her weight loss journey online. But with her troubles controlling his diet, some fans assume that he may have struggled with losing weight after the show. Regardless, the My 600-lb Life alum remains positive in life. She has been able to spend time with her family and friends, which is something she struggled with before.

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