‘House Of Villains’ Fans Bank On Who Will Win

‘House Of Villains’ Fans Bank On Who Will Win

House of Villains fans are now banking on who will end up winning the show. There is some tough competition and smart players yet only one person can win the 200K. So, who is the best contender in the viewers’ opinion? Read on for more details.

House Of Villains Fans Bank On Who Will Win

There are ten villains on House of Villains including Jax Taylor, Omarosa, Johnny Bananas, Shake, Johnny Fairplay, Corinne Olympios, and more. It is an intense environment, a home filled with the worst people from all of reality television. They are living together in an attempt to outdo one another to be named the ultimate villain and win 200K. However, some are playing a great game and know exactly what to do. Then there are others who really do not have a clue what they are doing in this house. This applies to Jax who felt he could get by just on his reputation but he has done nothing but turn housemates off.

Jax Taylor [Source: YouTube]

So, with two episodes down and no one having been sent home, who do fans think will be sent home? According to a Reddit thread, there are a few who can make it to the final few. The OP wrote this: “I think Bananas has a shot, he’s used to the politics that go into shows like this. I can also see New York, and Omarosa going pretty far.” Johnny Bananas has won The Challenge a plethora of times and Omarosa makes people fear her.

Johnny Bananas-YouTube
Johnny Bananas-YouTube

Tiffany ‘New York’ Pollard has made friends but she is still a force to be reckoned with. Therefore, they are great contenders. Yet, Johnny Fairplay threw the game for Jax and then lied to him about it, straight to his face. So, what did other fans have to say? One wrote: “FairPlay or bananas. If the format was less rigged for comp threats, 100% fairplay but considering there’s no way to eliminate somebody without them potentially saving themselves in a comp, bananas has a really good shot too.”

Stiff Competition

Fans felt that Tiffany Pollard did not have a big shot on House of Villains per the previews. They did not see her much therefore they believed she will not make it very far. Yet, the general consensus is a three-way tie between Omarosa, Johnny Fairplay, and Johnny Bananas. Currently, Jax Taylor and Corinne Olympios are in the process of being eliminated. At the end of the last episode, the cast had voted and one will be eliminated.

Who do you think will win House of Villains? Will it be either of the three listed above or someone else in the cast? Let us know and watch new episodes Thursdays on E!

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