Nick Viall, Natalie Joy Add Family Member Before Baby’s Birth

Nick Viall, Natalie Joy Add Family Member Before Baby’s Birth

Bachelor Nick Viall and Natalie Joy just announced a new family member ahead of their daughter’s birth. The couple has not revealed exactly when her due date is but they have started having baby showers. So, they could be expecting her in the next couple of months. As for their new addition, Natalie went to Instagram to share their exciting surprise. Keep reading to find out more.

Nick Viall, Natalie Joy add a family member

Nick Viall and Natalie Joy went to Instagram to announce an exciting addition to their family. Natalie shared multiple photos with fans. The first one is of Nick, Natalie, their dog Jeff, and their new puppy Steve. The rest were adorable photos of Steve. She captioned it, “to prepare for baby we got jeff a brother!!!! meet steve 🥹

Dave Neal instantly replied with a joke saying, “Reality Steve?!” Fans know that Nick and Reality Steve have issues with one another.

Nick said that so far Jeff is not really impressed with his little brother.

Natalie Joy and Nick Viall via Insta 5

Others commented on their post about how adorable Jeff and Steve are. Many were shocked and others were surprised at their new family member. Others said they were in love.


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Their family is growing

After getting engaged in January, Nick and Natalie announced they were having a baby in August. A few weeks later they shared with the world they were having a baby girl. So far they have not shared any names. While Natalie reportedly has a favorite in mind she refuses to pick a final name until the baby arrives.

Even with their huge age difference, fans are excited for Nick and Natalie. He’s 42 and she’s 24 but they appear to fit perfectly together. After multiple attempts at finding love on The Bachelor franchise, Nick found love on his own when Natalie slid into his DMs.

When they announced they were having a baby, they shared how excited they were to become parents. At the time Nick said, “I think the biggest fear will always be the safety of our child. We already worry way too much about our dog Jeff, so I’m sure we’ll be somewhat overprotective as parents. Our overall goal is to make sure our kids always feel loved, even when we have to tell them no.”

Congrats to Nick and Natalie on their new family member. He’s adorable!

Stay tuned for more updates on all your Bachelor Nation favorites.

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