Did ‘Golden Bachelor’ Gerry Turner Spoil His Finale?

Did ‘Golden Bachelor’ Gerry Turner Spoil His Finale?

Did Golden Bachelor Gerry Turner spoil his season finale? Many fans think he did. While appearing on a talk show last week, many believe he may have revealed a little too much. Why do they think this? Keep reading to find out more.

Did Golden Bachelor Gerry Turner spoil his big ending?

After appearing on Jimmy Kimmel Live! fans began to question if Gerry Turner said too much during the interview. While interviewing him, Jimmy Kimmel asked him if he was in love or if he could even tell the audience that information. After showing a little bit of hesitation, Gerry confirmed that he had fallen in love.

Kimmel joked and said he didn’t think he was supposed to say that. While many cheered for Gerry and hope he truly found happiness, there are some who had their doubts.

GErry Turner via YouTube 23

In an online forum, fans argued that they weren’t entirely sure Gerry was actually in love. One person said, “Did anyone else feel like Gerry seemed slightly uncertain about his answer about being in love on Jimmy Kimmel the other night?” Another added, “He kinda looked off the right when Jimmy said ‘you are?.’ He does seem like he’s not being truthful a bit…”

The other half of fans think Gerry just isn’t sure about the franchise and doesn’t quite know how to answer the question. One fan said, “I think he was just being careful, & not sure how much to reveal.”

Gerry’s story

Gerry Turner lost his wife of 43 years in 2017 after a sudden illness. After trying some online dating and with the support of his daughters, he applied for the show. He is the perfect match for the franchise to cast as the first-ever Golden Bachelor. 

Gerry decided he was ready to put himself back out there and believes it’s never too late to fall in love. He’s hoping his companion is among the lovely women on his season.

Gerry Turner via Instagram

Gerry has been enjoying the dates and getting to know everyone. However, there will be some touching and emotional moments as well. He will find himself developing feelings for more than one person. It’s unknown yet who he will choose in the end.

Have you been watching the Golden Bachelor every Thursday night on ABC? Who do you think is a good fit to be Gerry Turner’s partner? Keep tuning in to find out if Gerry can find the perfect match and really fall in love. Stay tuned for more updates.

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