‘Sister Wives’ Will Kody Brown Be On ‘House Of Villains’?

‘Sister Wives’ Will Kody Brown Be On ‘House Of Villains’?

Sister Wives fans are starting to wonder what would happen if Kody Brown joined the cast of House of Villains. The new hit reality show brings together some of the best television villains for a brand-new competition series. However, what kind of chances would Kody have on that show?

Here is a look at what fans think of the idea and a little about House of Villains for the uninitiated.

What is House of Villains?

House of Villains is a new reality show on E! that features 10 infamous villains from reality television coming together in a new competition. They compete to be the last villain standing. The winner takes home $200,000 and the title of America’s Ultimate Supervillain. The show tests everyone physically, emotionally, and mentally. Like Survivor and Big Brother, the players nominate each other for banishment.

Kody Brown of Sister Wives / YouTube

The first season saw 10 major reality TV stars, all from different shows. Some of the biggest names on House of Villains Season 1 include Anfisa Arkhipchenko, Jax Taylor, Johnny Bananas, Jonny Fairplay, Omarosa Manigault Newman, and Tanisha Thomas. But, what would happen if someone like Kody Brown joined House of Villains Season 2?

Could Kody Brown appear on House of Villains?

Sister Wives fans on Reddit have been loving House of Villains. Some wondered what Kody Brown might look like if he appeared on the show. One Redditor wrote, “Could you imagine if he was cast on House of Villians? He would be around men and women who are strong, lots of self-esteem and egos for days. They would tear him to shreds!”

Of course, the one big problem with this is that Kody Brown in no way considers himself the villain on Sister Wives. He believes he is in the right, did everything he could to save his marriages, and paints himself as the victim. However, everyone who watches Sister Wives knows that Kody is the villain alongside Robyn Brown. He would fit in perfectly on House of Villains.

With that said, most of the Sister Wives fans on Reddit agree that Kody would end up destroyed on House of Villains. One said that someone like (0 Days Fiance star Anfisa Arkhipchenko would “tear him apart.” Another said that Kody would storm out “like an angry toddler” after one bald joke.

There was at least one Redditor who disagreed with Kody taking part, saying he isn’t a villain. They said he was just “a perpetual child throwing nonstop tantrums.” The Redditor also said villains have plans, and Kody just “flails and reacts” and a real villain would eat him alive. They suggested that Robyn Brown was the real villain who could succeed in House of Villains.

Do you think Kody Brown would have a chance on House of Villains? Would other reality TV villains eat him alive? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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