April Kirkwood Ready To Be First ‘Golden Bachelorette’

April Kirkwood Ready To Be First ‘Golden Bachelorette’

Golden Bachelor contestant April Kirkwood is a go-getter. She’s outgoing and wants to fall in love. She didn’t find love with Gerry Turner. Unfortunately, Gerry sent her home on Thursday night. She was not given a rose at the rose ceremony. However, she’s not giving up on love. While disappointed things didn’t work out with Gerry, she’s ready to move forward. In fact, she’s ready to be the first-ever Golden Bachelorette. Keep reading to find out more.

April Kirkwood is ready to be the first Golden Bachelorette

Entertainment Tonight spoke with April Kirkwood after her elimination from The Golden Bachelor Thursday night. Gerry Turner did not think his connection with April was enough to keep her around.

She really wanted to spend some time with him. So, she faked a pickleball injury during the group date. When asked about the so-called injury she said, “A girl’s gotta do what a girl’s gotta do … I mean, if you put me in drastic times, I’m gonna bring it.”

During the date, April collapsed to the ground saying she had hurt her ankle while playing. The other women did not know she faked the entire thing. It did do the trick though and get her more time with Gerry.

While she didn’t really hurt her ankle on the show. She did jinx herself and actually hurt her ankle when she went home. She said, “The truth is I did hurt my ankle when I got home, so now I go to the chiropractor and he yanks it back in.”

Even though she pulled back from Gerry and didn’t really let him in, she is ready to open up and let love in again. She is ready and willing to go out and find happiness. This includes taking on the role of The Golden Bachelorette if it was offered to her.

April said, “I am exercising. I am getting my body ready. I am getting the kitchen area ready, OK?  I’m gonna flirt with these guys so much! I want to have them at each other’s throat. I’m gonna go, ‘Show me what you’re about, boys.’”

She regrets pulling back from Gerry

April Kirkwood does regret pulling back from Gerry Turner. She said, “I know men have dated behind my back. I know men have cheated. I’m not naive. But they didn’t do it in front of me. This was weird and when I heard all of these stories going on, I did pull back. I regret that with Gerry. I did pull back because I thought, ‘I don’t want to chase someone who doesn’t want me.’ It wasn’t comfortable for me. It wasn’t a behavior I was used to.”

Nevertheless, she has no regrets about joining the show. She said many friends kept sending her applications to try and get on the show. After several ones, she filled out and was selected. Now she says she’s a Bachelor Nation groupie.

What do you think about April? Do you think she would be a good first Golden Bachelorette?

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