Still Up Exclusive Clip: Danny’s Got a Big Date!

Still Up Exclusive Clip: Danny’s Got a Big Date!

She’s back!

Did you ever think Danny would see Amy again after their disastrous date on Still Up Season 1 Episode 3?

This is the woman who was going to call it quits on Danny after their first date because she thought Lisa was an ex he was still hung up on, and who could blame her given the number of phone calls Danny took from Lisa that night. 

And that was before Danny chopped her finger off in his door! As if that wasn’t horrific enough, then he popped the detached joint into his mouth!

In Danny’s defense, the finger severing was a complete accident. (The man is awkward, not a psychopath!) As for the rest, he was told that it was a good way of preserving the digit in the hopes of reattachment.

So, is it endearing that Danny would do something so gross to help Amy keep her finger, or simply stomach-turning?

We’re leaning toward the entire incident being nauseating, but since Amy didn’t run screaming from the bus stop when she saw Danny, and it appears she’s actually in his apartment once again, perhaps she’s decided to find it more endearing.

Or maybe Danny and Amy are both just a little weird.

And if witnessing Amy enjoying Danny’s company wasn’t surprising enough, Danny appears to agree to a dinner date.

No, not at his place but at a restaurant, which means he’ll have to leave his home once again.

Leaving his apartment in Still Up Season 1 Episode 6 was a massive step for Danny, but he managed to fight through his anxiety and panic attacks because Lisa was drugged and had been arrested.

The only thing that’s gotten Danny to step outside his door in three years is the thought that Lisa was in trouble and needed him. 

The crestfallen look on his face, when he discovered she had made it home without his help, spoke volumes of his true feelings for Lisa. 

We’re curious about whether he’s mentioned that particular detail to Amy. We’d guess not.

Surprisingly, Danny now seems quite willing to go out to dinner with Amy.

Has he beaten his agoraphobia for good? If so, can his insomnia be far behind? And if he’s no longer up all night, will that change his relationship with Lisa?

If you recall Lisa’s reaction to hearing Danny’s plans to move to the US in Still Up Season 1 Episode 4, she panicked that their friendship would never be the same if they weren’t up all night together. 

But enough speculation.

Let’s get back to our video clip, in which Adam shows up at Danny’s door in Still Up Season 1 Episode 7, but he won’t say why he’s there and on his knees, no less.

Will this all be too weird for Amy?

Will she still be willing to see Danny again?

The woman lost part of a finger during their first date and still came back for more, but what her limits are is anyone’s guess. 

You’ll just have to watch this video clip below and decide for yourself if things get too awkward and weird for Amy in the upcoming Still Up, then head back here to check out our Still Up reviews.

Could this be a new beginning for Danny, and is it one that doesn’t include Chloe or Lisa?

Is Amy who he’s meant to be with, or is his pull toward Lisa stronger? 

Or do Danny and Lisa need to work on themselves individually before committing to anyone?

And you’ll need to hit that SHOW COMMENTS button below to share your thoughts, theories, and fears. 

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