‘600 Pound Mom’: What Happened To Dominique Lanoise?

‘600 Pound Mom’: What Happened To Dominique Lanoise?

Tonight on TLC there is a rerun of a special called 600 Pound Mom. Dominique Lanoise was working on taking care of herself and losing weight. She wasn’t actually on 600 Lb Life but instead, it was a special just about her. She had six daughters who were helping her out. What happened to her after the show?

Dominique’s Health Issues

Dominique of 600 Pound Mom had put on a lot of weight and needed to be under 500 lbs. to get the surgery done. They sent three ambulances and three crew members to get her to the hospital. She couldn’t move at all and needed their help to get out of the house. She hadn’t been out of her house in months. There was a strict weight limit of 500 lbs. to get the surgery that she wanted and Dominique had to get down to that weight before she could have it done. This wasn’t an easy task for her.

The surgeon revealed that some doctors would go ahead and do the surgery if you weighed that much, but he wasn’t comfortable doing it. He wanted her to get on a diet and try to lose weight to get down to 500 lbs. She has had her hopes on surgery for years and she needed to diet to lose the weight. When talking to the doctor, Dominique broke down in tears over her weight and what was going on.

Update On Dominique

On the show, Dominique Lanoise weighed 625 lbs and her daughters had to take care of her. She decided that it was time for a change. She was going to have weight loss surgery since her daughters were even having to skip school and watch out for her. The 600 Pound Mom would just eat one meal a day, but it was a lot of food that she was eating with each meal. He helped her to start eating three meals a day and only 700 calories in total. She said that she wanted to “fight to be skinny.”

Just two weeks after her weight loss surgery Dominique passed away. This was a shock for everyone who thought she was getting healthy and better. This actually happened over 10 years ago in 2012. This special airing again has viewers wondering what happened to her and they are sad to hear of her death.

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