Tammy Slaton Gives Fans A Peek At Sexy Chest Tattoo

Tammy Slaton Gives Fans A Peek At Sexy Chest Tattoo

1000-Lb. Sisters star Tammy Slaton is giving her fans a sneak peek at her sexy chest tattoo. Over the years, viewers have caught a glimpse of her ink. Yet, it has not always been prominently on display. Now that she has lost hundreds of pounds, Slaton is clearly feeling herself and letting it all hangout. Read on for more details.

Tammy Slaton Gives Fans A Peek At Sexy Chest Tattoo

Viewers are used to seeing Tammy Slaton sitting down with her trach in her and not dressed in revealing clothing. Her hair was either back or in braids and she did not care much about her appearance. This made sense as she seemingly felt that she would never get to the goal weight she needed in order to get her weight loss surgery. However, she finally made weight and was able to have the surgery which her family all celebrated. Even better, Tammy got to don a pretty dress for her wedding to Caleb Willingham. Unfortunately, Tammy left the rehab facility she was in while Caleb stayed behind.

Tammy, Caleb/Facebook
Tammy, Caleb-Facebook

Along with her sister, Amy Halterman, the two women went on to live their best lives. They enjoyed concerts and traveled with Amy being the one in the bikini. Yet, Tammy Slaton was able to walk again and lose everything that held her down. Plus, she colored her hair a fiery red and embraced her curls. Sadly, Caleb passed away so he never got to personally enjoy the new Tammy but she is still trucking on. According to The Sun, Tammy made a new sexy TikTok where she showed off her chest tattoo.

@tammyslaton2020♬ original sound – JordanLynn

It appeared to be a giant sunflower which is the flower she had at her wedding. She actually had several videos showing it off and each one looked equally gorgeous. No one left any comments on those particular TikToks but one from July 26th, fans praised her. “Tammy baby you look PHENOMENAL!!!! Proud of you is an understatement, you’ve made so much progress 💜 I hope you’re living the live you deserve!” one wrote.

So Much Support

Another Tammy Slaton fan had this to say: “you look great girl! so proud of you! love the red hair 🥰” Finally, one noted: “You look amazing!!! I’m so very proud of you!!! Also, you have a great singing voice!!! Keep it up girl!!!!” The reality star even did away wth her usual filters and looked happy and healthy. This is all her followers have wanted since the beginning. Now, Season 5 is filming and hopefully, everyone will get to see Tammy shine.

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