‘Shark Tank’: How To Buy Fry Away

‘Shark Tank’: How To Buy Fry Away

This Friday on Shark Tank, a New Hampshire businesswoman pitched her Fry Away product on the hit reality series. The product is one that has a lot of people interested, and here is what you need to know about Fry Away and where you can buy it.

What is Fry Away on Shark Tank?

Laura Lady is the entrepreneur that will show up on Shark Tank and pitch her Fry Away product to the sharks. What is Fry Away? It is a non-toxic powder that solidifies cooking oil. This means that the oil is safer for homes when disposed of after cooking.

According to Lady, regular cooking oil is bad for plumbing when disposed of down the drain. She also said it harms the water sources in your town. However, her Fry Away powder fixes that problem. A plant-based product, this powder will transform cooking oils into solid waste and then a person can throw it into the trash instead of pouring it down the kitchen drain.

Lady spoke to her local ABC affiliate and said that “the sharks are so intimidating.” She said she watches Shark Tank on TV every week, but once she saw them in the flesh, her “legs were shaking a little bit.” She said that her episode was shot last September, but she isn’t allowed to say how it went until after the episode airs.

Here is a look at a video of Fry Away to see what it does to the cooking oil.

Shark Tank airs on Friday nights at 8/7c on ABC.

Where can you buy Fry Away from Shark Tank?

Fry Away is available on its own company website. There is also a discount for buying it on the site. A person can get four packages of Pan Fry for just $36, which is a savings of 10% off the regular price of buying them individually. Each package contains four packs, so this is a total of 16 packs. This also includes free shipping within the United States.

For the Deep Fry powder, the cost is a little more at $35 for just three packs (also with four in each package). This is also a 10% savings and also includes free shipping. There is another called Suepr Fry, which runs $43 for three packs with free shipping.

Fans can also buy them individually to try them out. One package of four packs of Fry Away is only $9.99. Deep Fry is $12.99 per package and Super Fry is $15.99 per package. As the names indicate, Pan Fry is for regular pan oil. Deep Fry is for up to 8 cups and 2 liters of oil. Super Fry is for people who use a lot of oil and they can measure it with a scoop to determine how much they use. It is also available on Amazon at the link below.

The Fry Away is also available in stores. Right now, the company has deals to sell the p[product at Kroger, Metro Market, Pick N Save, and more. A full listing of where to buy it is available on the website.

Are you a Shark Tank fan? Have you found a new product on the show that you can’t live without? Let us know your favorites in the comments below.

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