Meri Brown Continues To Shave Extras Of Retreat Packages

Meri Brown Continues To Shave Extras Of Retreat Packages

As her February event nears, Meri Brown is continuing to shave extras off of her retreat. The Sister Wives star has had a lackluster response to the second B&B retreat. Therefore, she is seemingly deducting important items from the packages. So, what exactly has been removed? Read on for more details.

Meri Brown Continues To Shave Extras Of Retreat Packages

The packages are already priced between 4 to 6K. Therefore, those who attend should get everything that they are promised. Meri Brown says that they will get food, boarding, goody bags, time with new friends, and special time with the reality star. However, that has all suddenly changed. According to Katie Joy from @withoutacrystalball, Meri has started taking away extras from the retreat.

Originally, the Elite Plus package (6k) included extra time with Meri. That seemed to be the draw for people to spend the extra money. Actually, the posting on Lizzie’s Heritage Inn noted that this was something that just came with the retreat. It was then noted that was actually a benefit to upgrading. As of late, Katie Joy noticed that this has all changed. The Elite Plus package removed extra time with Meri Brown and replaced it with bonus gifts.

Meri Brown/Lizzie's Heritage Inn
Lizzie’s Heritage Inn


Additionally, this package now specifies that it is double occupancy. Therefore, it can be split between two people, cutting the cost in half. There’s more. Meri has changed her cancellation policy to non-refundable. Rather, patrons can use the money toward a future retreat but are there guarantees that there will be one? Fans are already up in arms over the prices of this retreat and now, this is even messier with Meri taking items away from them.

Will This One Be A Success?

The last retreat that Meri Brown held in November was seemingly a failure. It appeared that she had to find fillers to make it look like she had filled spots. So it was quite a surprise when she announced a second retreat for February. Fans had hoped she would have learned from the first retreat and lowered prices. That seemed to be the biggest issue as no one wanted to pay upwards of 6K. This did not happen and she kept the prices as high as they were before.

Meri Brown/YouTube

Meri has since admitted that she has had no takers for this retreat and even mocked her followers for not knowing how to sign up. That does not help her cause at all. Now, she is shaving extras from the package and it makes it even less desirable. Will she thrive or will she end up in the doghouse with this retreat?

What do you think of Meri Brown trying to make this retreat work but taking the good stuff away? Let us know in the comments below.

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