Watch over 350 Live TV stations through The Roku Channel

Watch over 350 Live TV stations through The Roku Channel

Did you know that straight-out-of-the-box, your Roku device gives you free access to more than 350 live television channels? That’s more channels than many basic cable plans offer, which is why devices like our Roku Ultra are a favorite among cord-cutters. This incredible library of entertainment includes everything from news, sports, movies, popular TV shows, Spanish-language programming, and much more. And best of all, the selection is constantly expanding!

Where will I find all this awesome free television?

Simple — it’s all on the “Live TV Channel Guide” you’ll find as part of The Roku Channel.

The Live TV Channel Guide is your one-stop portal to all the great live TV your Roku device has to offer. In addition to the 350+ free channels you get as part of The Roku Channel, this is also where you can access any of the live/linear content available through your premium subscriptions. What’s more, if you have an antenna connected to your Roku TV, you’ll find all your over-the-air channels right there in the Live TV Channel Guide.

How do I access the Live TV Channel Guide?

The Live TV Channel Guide is easy to find:

  • Once you’ve launched The Roku Channel, look for the “Live TV” tile on the Home Screen Menu. Selecting it will bring up the Live TV Channel Guide.
  • Already watching live/linear content? Then simply pressing the left arrow on your remote will bring up the guide.

What channels can I watch through the Live TV Channel Guide?

With over 350 channels to choose from, there’s not enough room to list them all here. Nevertheless, here’s just a sample of what’s available, broken down by channel type:

News: ABC News Live, NBC News Now, Fox Live Now, WeatherNation, Fox Weather, Newsy Live, Bloomberg Quicktake, Reuters, Cheddar News, Euronews English

Sports: Live Sports Coverage Stadium, Bein Sports Xtra, Adventure Sports Network, Edge Sport, ACC Digital Netrowk, Swerve Sports

Movies: Filmrise Free Movies, The Asylum, BlackPix, Movie Favorites by Lifetime, Hallmark Movies & More, Tribeca Channel, MoviesSphere, Cinevault

Game Shows: The Price Is Right: The Barker Era, Supermarket Sweep, Global Got Talent, Kitchen Nightmares/Hell’s Kitchen, Family Feud, Game Show Central, Deal or No Deal

Music: MTV Biggest Pop, MTV Block Party, Yo! MTV, iHeart Country Radio, iHeart the 90s, Vevo Latino, Vevo Reggaeton & Trap, Vivaldi, New KPop, iHeart 80s

Kids & Family: Always Funny Videos, The Wiggles Channel, Bob the Builder, Afro Kiddos, Filmrise Kids, Lego, Happy Kids, Rev & Roll, Teletubbies

Lifestyle: Bon Appétit, Architectural Digest, The Design Network, Food52, Revry, Tastemade, This Old House

Travel & Nature: Love Nature, The Jack Hanna Channel, Outside TV, Xplore, Ice Road Truckers, Modern Marvels, Axmen, Weatherspy, Wired, True History,

Comedy: Funny or Die, Kevin Hart’s LOL Network, Comedy Central Pluto TV, The Red Green Channel, Just for Laughs Gags, The Comedy Shop, The Comedy Store

Crime: Forensic Files, Unsolved Mysteries, Crime Thriller, Midsomer Murders, Kriminal Presented by A&E, Total Crime

Sci-Fi/Anime: Unexplained Zone, Dust Sci-Fi, Midnight Pulp, Doctor Who Classic, Retro Crush, CONtv, Filmrise Sci-Fi, Filmrise Anime

Spanish Language: Top Cine, Vix Cine Club, MooviMex, Cine Romántico, Vix Novelas De Oro, Vix Novelas en Familia, Tastemade en Español, América Tevé

And as a reminder, live/linear content from your premium subscriptions like HBO, Cinemax, Showtime, and Starz will also appear here!

So if you haven’t checked out the Live TV Channel Guide yet, get ready to do some major channel surfing.

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Happy Streaming!

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