Echo 3 Season 1 Finale: The Other Shoe

Echo 3 Season 1 Finale: The Other Shoe

The season one finale of Echo 3 up on Apple TV+ today — at least, I hope it’s the season not the series finale, because I’d really like to see more — was a compelling mix of escape from Colombia, and our seeing if Amber will come back to herself after being liberated from her time in cruel captivity.  In effect, then, Amber’s was also an escape story, an anguishing treatment of whether she could really escape from his immediate past.

[Spoilers ahead … ]

The physical escape from Colombia offered another heart-in-mouth extended action sequence, in which our trio manages to escape a troop of Colombian soldiers out to kill them in a marketplace.  The action scenes in Echo 3 have been consistently top-notch, and this final scene was one of the best. I was relieved and delighted to see our three heroes make to the speed boat and out of imminent danger.

Amber’s escape from her past unfortunately didn’t go as well.  She started not even wanting to talk to Prince and Bambi, but seemed to come to — to be more like herself — in the marketplace action, only to tell Prince at the end that he needed to accept that she didn’t want to be with him anymore.  Prince understands what Amber has been through, and is willing to give her time, but doesn’t want their marriage to end.

He gives it his best shot, after seeing her in a nice bathing suit, and maybe as a result wrongly assuming that she’s coming back to her normal, pre-kidnap self.  But she’s unbending.  Her bathing suit may be a sign that she wants to live, but she’s saying to Prince that she doesn’t want to live any more with Prince.

He says he’s heartbroken, but what can he do?  Well, it seems to me that we need at least another season to get the answer to that question.

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