Former Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills Star Brandi Glanville Says “Crossing LVP Was Like Pretty Much The End Of Me”

Former Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills Star Brandi Glanville Says “Crossing LVP Was Like Pretty Much The End Of Me”

Good day to everyone except people still blaming Lisa Vanderpump because they lost their job. I have to wonder if this woman wakes up every morning, asks Roscia for some tea, and then ponders over the amount of people obsessed with her very existence.

Brandi Glanville has been in the news because she posted a not-so cryptic video clip to social media over the holidays, showing her hand opening up and revealing a diamond. To you and me this looks like an announcement. To Brandi it looks like clickbait a normal post. Brandi has recently denied having any knowledge of re-joining Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, but she definitely isn’t letting the mouse go.

The other mouse Brandi has trapped is her eternal preoccupation with LVP. While still gainfully employed on the show, everyone watched Brandi light a match and burn her relationship with Lisa to the ground. Then she moved on to slapping Lisa in the face once she was shown a bit of grace. Recently, fellow fired cast member Teddi Mellencamp was a guest on Brandi’s podcast, Brandi Glanville Unfiltered. The two ladies chatted about their common interest– Lisa living in both of their brains rent free.

I’m not too sure what anyone thought John Mellencamp’s daughter and Brandi would discuss other than their mutual fixation on LVP, but heavy. shared all of the details. During the podcast, Teddi shared she believes fans began to turn on her after she had issues with Lisa, because of course she does. Is LVP also responsible for Teddi’s swift and immediate expulsion from Celebrity Big Brother? Naturally Brandi chimed in saying she endured similar treatment once she turned on stopped being close to LVP.

Yes, Brandi’s ousting couldn’t have been because she threw wine in someone’s face. Couldn’t have been because she disclosed a personal medical secret about a co-star. Surely it wasn’t because she slapped someone on camera. No, it was definitely because of Lisa Vanderpump. Brandi said, “I feel you [Teddi] on like once I crossed LVP, I was fired after that because I had lost my audience, no one liked –  I was the enemy and I agree with you, like you can’t win after that. I mean I had other issues happening but crossing LVP was like pretty much the end of me.”

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I wonder if Lisa is the reason Kim Richards no longer speaks to Brandi. When will Lisa stop this madness??? Now if you thought this was a new theory of Brandi’s you would be incorrect. She has been going on about this for years. In Season 9 Brandi whined about losing her diamond to Denise Richards because she threw Lisa under the bus back in Season 4. Hey, do you think LVP is the reason Denise also no longer speaks to Brandi? Have we blamed Lisa for the current horrible weather in California yet? DAMN YOU LISA.

In 2019 Brandi labeled Lisa her “own personal devilin a social media post and implied Lisa tried to destroy her life. She also accused Lisa of being responsible for losing her financial savings, and said it was Lisa who had her fired. Lisa allegedly also went the extra mile and had her employees trash Brandi’s wine brand. My, that Lisa sure is busy and has so much free time!

While Brandi and Teddi both have successful podcasts, it appears they still blame a singular individual for their job loss. It couldn’t be because they were boring. It couldn’t be because they were toxic. And it most definitely isn’t because neither of them couldn’t take accountability for their actions. As for Lisa Vanderpump, she will remain busy, finding other ways to continue taking up valuable real estate in everyone’s mind.


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