Teddi Wright Has A New Man After Early Exit From Bachelor In Paradise

Teddi Wright Has A New Man After Early Exit From Bachelor In Paradise

Following a brief absence from social media due to being ill with Coronavirus, Bachelor In Paradise alum Teddi Wright is back on the ‘Gram. And she’s spilling tea (just a drop) on a new relationship.

Teddi included some selfies of herself at work in the hospital and a video of her dancing with a pal’s baby. Also included in the post was a mysterious mirror selfie of the smiling surgical nurse with what appears to be a man’s arm wrapped around her waist. C’mon, Teddi! We need a little more info, please.

“Guys, sorry I’ve been so MIA, but I got COVID and was so down bad. But I’m back though,” Teddi posted on her Instagram Stories, as reported by US Weekly. “Here’s what you missed on my hiatus: Still working, dances with my sweet lil boy [a friend’s baby — we didn’t miss that much!] and also maybe other things that I’ll share later . . .” She ended the sweet post with a smiley face emoji.



Teddi‘s big tease comes nearly three months after the airing of her time on BIP, which was filmed last summer in Mexico. Even though she and Bachelorette alum Andrew Spencer had expressed mutual crushes on each other beforehand and were looking forward to meeting, Teddi just wasn’t feeling it in Sayulita and made an early exit.

“I want to get married, and I want to have kids . . . I want to go home and move past this and find that person,” Teddi told producers during a confessional that aired October 4, 2022. “I feel so bad. Like, I just want to go now. I know you wanted me to find love here, and I get that, but, like, I’m just not. I want to go. I’m not going in there and doing a big goodbye with everyone,” she added.

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Teddi did, however, explain to the pro football player that she really “didn’t want to come” to Paradise, but came anyway to meet Andrew in person.

Andrew, who currently splits his time between America and Vienna, Austria, where he plays American football for the Dacia Vienna Vikings, didn’t end up making a love connection in Mexico after all and left the show prior to the November finale. He apparently made attempts to contact Teddi after filming wrapped, but she hasn’t responded.

Teddi! Girl, it’s ANDREW! Makes me wonder if something happened between them that wasn’t shown on the show. Hmmmmm . . . more mystery.

“I wanted to really just say my whole piece about the whole Teddi thing [during the reunion],” Andrew previously told US Weekly. “And I think that was huge for me, ‘cause that was a lot that I’ve been holding in for so long that I never got to really say, and I never got to say to her. So I know she didn’t come [to the reunion taping], and I know we haven’t talked, so I was hoping that maybe this message gets to her, and she just knows how I feel and it was, like, that was my closure to her.” So I guess that arm in Teddi’s selfie isn’t Andrew’s then. I’ll try to suppress my disappointment.

“At the end of the day, I just wanna be friends. We had [a] good time. I don’t think there’s any ill will or maliciousness towards each other, but there’s so much weight [connected with] Teddi and Andrew,” he added.

Sadly, Andrew (who’s still single — WHY???) says he thinks Teddi had already “moved on” by the time he attempted to reach out to her. “Ball’s in her court and obviously, if we ever saw each other organically in the same vicinity, without a doubt, I’m not gonna sit here and see her across the bar and turn around,” he said. “I’m gonna go talk to this woman. Hey, I got game. I ain’t gonna lie to you. I’m not bad! I am not the guy you saw in Paradise.”

I don’t know what he’s talking about. I thought his behavior in Paradise was just fine, other than he couldn’t seem to find a girl he could stick with. But then his “person” just wasn’t there. Andrew’s a catch. He’ll find her. He might just have a little growing up to do first.

Meanwhile, let’s see some more photos of that new man, Teddi! And a name would be nice, too.


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