Clare Crawley Nearly Nude In Snow, Wears Tiny Swimsuit & Boots

Clare Crawley Nearly Nude In Snow, Wears Tiny Swimsuit & Boots

Clare Crawley proves that some things get better with age. At age forty she showed off her toned body in a new video on Instagram. Clare ran away from her season of The Bachelorette with Dale Moss.   She and Dale had a whirlwind romance, but unfortunately, the reality didn’t live out to be the same as the fantasy.

Clare has healed from that failed relationship and moved forward with another tall handsome man Ryan Dawkins. Clare has been posting lots of snowy activities over the holidays.  Making the most of the snow, she is looking better than ever riding snowmobiles and wearing close to nothing while frolicking in the snow. The kicker is not that she is playing in the snow but what she is wearing in the frigid cold.

Clare Crawley rocks skimpy black swimsuit in freezing temperatures

Clare Crawley ran towards the camera in a tiny black swimsuit that showed off her long-toned thighs. Despite the suit being a one-piece, it still managed to be very revealing. She showed off ample cleavage as she laid down on the snow and started to make snow angels. It all seemed bizarre, especially considering she is wearing a swimsuit and boots in the snow but then being in love makes people do things they normally wouldn’t do right? She even quoted John Steinbeck on her Instagram, “what good is the warmth of summer, without the cold of winter to give it sweetness.” Clare clearly takes care of herself as she looks flawless in her beenie, boots & barely-there attire. No one else could pull off this fashion ensemble quite like Ms. Crawley.


Clare Crawley Instagram

Fans And Bachelor Nation Love It

Clare Crawley clearly doesn’t mind showing off her body and fans loved it. Bachelor nation also wanted to show their appreciation. Kendall Long said, “hahaha love this.” Kelley Flanagan posted a lot of flame emojis. Another follower commented they were surprised the ice wasn’t melting, because of her hotness, There’s also a video of her sledding down a hill letting her legs fly in the air. One fan was impressed with her stamina and said they see where she gets her hot body from. She’s definitely making the most of her time out in the winter weather.

Are you happy to see how well Clare is doing since her breakup with Dale Moss? Did you enjoy the sexy yet adorable video of her frolicking in the snow with not a worry in the world?

To read more about Clare’s journey in love with Ryan Dawkins click here. Comment with your thoughts down below. As always come back to TV Shows Ace for all things Bachelor Nation.


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